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Hamburg Store

Wandsbeker Chaussee 33
22089 Hamburg U1 Wartenau



From K-POP dance studio to your #1 K-POP shop


Harajuku Closet

Harajuku und Lolita Fashion from Japan.

J-Store Hamburg with its brands SeoulStation and Harajuku Closet provides you with everything you need as a fan of Asian pop culture.

Find manga from Carlsen, Tokyopop, Crunchyroll, Egmont, Altraverse, Panini, Manga Cult and Hayabusa...

Also merchandise from popular series like One Piece, Naruto, Demon Slayer, Studio Ghibli or Rilakkuma. We also have Gesnshin Impact original merchandise.

K-POP is our strong suit! Find the neusten albums of StrayKids, NCT, ATEEZ, Blackpink, Twice and so much more in our shop SeoulStation Hamburg.

Here you can also find a large selection of merchandise, posters, plushies, photo cards, collectables.

Our manga artist shop offers everything you need to create your own manga. We offer paper, Comic markers, ink and so much more.

Harajuku-Closet is our fashion brand for clothes from the land of the rising sun. Magical designs, kawaii details and so much more from famous brands like Baby the stars shine bright, Alice and the Pirates and Angelic Pretty.

We are looking forward to your visit!

Your J-Store Hamburg and J-Store Online teams

The online shop of the J-Store Hamburg invites you to browse, shop and find your favourites 24/7. We offer you a large selection of K-POP albums, K-POP merchandise, exclusive clothing brands, figures and merchandise from Japan, manga rarities, sweets, manga novelties and so much more.

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Hamburg Store

Since 2014 the team at J-Store Hamburg has been welcoming you at Wandsbeker Chaussee 33. What started with a single store has now become a small shopping center.

Next to the J-Store Hamburg with its thousands of manga, manga-anime merchandise and Asian sweets you can find SeoulStation Hamburg as your separate store for K-POP albums, Merchandise. The Harajuku Closet is the only store in Germany where you have the chance to try on and buy Japanese Lolita fashion.
 SeoulStation Tanzstudio offers classes for beginners and advanced dancers. Learn to dance K-POP choreos with us!

Meet us in Hamburg 
– a visit to Wandsbeker Chaussee 33 is always worth it!
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SeoulStation Hamburg

At Seoulstation Hamburg you get everything that makes the heart of a K-pop fan beat faster. The latest albums from Stray Kids, ATEEZ or Blackpink, cute merchandise from BT21 or Skzoo and cool posters from various strong>K-pop bands.

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SeoulStation Tanz

Since May 2019, fans of K-POP have had their own dance studio just for their favorite music. The studio is conveniently located right next to the J-Store and the SeoulStation Hamburg and is modernly equipped. The dance teachers are young, dynamic, diverse and highly motivated to discover and convey the music and choreographies to the participants. The courses are perfectly tailored to everyone, from beginners to experts.

Dance? Click!

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Harajuku Closet

In the Harajuku Closet you can find cute street fashion straight from Japan. We particularly want to promote Japanese Lolita fashion, with all the wonderful ruffles and magical designs. You can currently find beautiful collections from the well-known brandsBABY THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT, ALICE AND THE PIRATES and ANGELIC PRETTY.
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Über uns About us 우리에 대해 私たちに関しては

Der J-Store Hamburg ist seit 2014 ein fester Anlaufpunkt für alle Freunde der asiatischen Popkultur in Hamburg. Anfangs fokussierten sich Henning und Yayi besonders auf Manga, Anime, Sweets, Merchandise und Purikura – unsere persönlichen Eckpfeiler der japanischen Popkultur.

Viele Kooperationen mit Künstlern, Kreativen und Fans folgten. Dabei zeigte sich, dass viele Kunden nicht nur Fans, sondern auch selbst künstlerisch tätig sind. Schon bald konnten sie ihren Bedarf an Zeichenmaterial im J-Store Hamburg Manga-Artist Store decken.
Beständig erweiterte sich das Sortiment mit mehr Merchandise und seit 2017 der Harajuku Closet ein fester Bestandteil der J-Store Familie. Die Kleidung aus Japan begeistert Fans von Street Fashion und kleidet Lolitas ausgezeichnet ein. Viele japanische Brands dürfen wir exklusiv in Deutschland anbieten.
Mit SeoulStation Hamburg etablierten wir schon kurz danach eine eigene Marke für alle K-Pop Fans. Die Auswahl an Alben und Merchandise wächst schnell und bildet einen Schwerpunkt unseres Angebots. Der gute Service mit schneller Verfügbarkeit nach Südkorea-Release, kostenlosen Pre-Order Gifts, gerolltem Pre-Order Poster und einem sehr netten Team, begeistert. 
Nicht aus Hamburg und Umgebung? Kein Problem, denn sehr viele Produkte und den gleichen, ausgezeichneten Service gibt es auch im Onlineshop unter  www.j-store.online
Telefon: 040 72 91 52 77
Email: home@j-store-online.de

Hamburg Store:

Telefon: 040 55 43 54 85
Email: info@j-store-hamburg.de

Wandsbeker Chaussee 33
22089 Hamburg

U1 Wartenau

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Opening hours::
Monday to Saturday from 12pm to 7pm.